Fontainebleau take down continues [UPDATED]

paul Robinson on The Traphouse, 8B+, Cuvier-Rempart, Fontainebleau  © Paul Robinson
paul Robinson on The Traphouse, 8B+, Cuvier-Rempart, Fontainebleau
© Paul Robinson

Despite being sick for more or less one and a half month, and thus only having four or five decent goes per day, Paul Robinson has managed to make the first ascent of The Traphouse, or Gourmandise direct, 8B+, at Cuvier-Rempart.

The new problems climbs the sit start of Gourmandise and then follows the top of Sebastien Frigault's Le Dernier Fléau instead of traversing left. See topo.

According to Paul, this means an 8B into a 7C+ mantle, which should add up to 8B+.

In a different part of the forest, Adam Ondra, who doesn't have as much time on his hands continued ticking off the classics, making quick work of both Khéops assis, 8B+, and L'Apparemment en départ bas, 8B.

On the following day, he managed to flash the very technical Gecko assis, 8B+. This is of course the hardest flash ascent in Fontainebleau ever, and the 2nd ever flash of a confirmed 8B+. The first was Daniel Woods' flash of Entlinge a few weeks back.

There will be more about Adam's trip to Fontainebleau later.

Meanwhile, Andy Gullsten also had a good day doing L'Apparemment en départ bas and UBIK assis, both 8B.

Paul Robinson has several sponsors including La Sportiva, prAna and Black Diamond

Adam Ondra is sponsored by: Black Diamond, Montura, La Sportiva, Beal and Hudy Sports

Anthony Gullsten is sponsored by: Monkee clothing and La Sportiva

Source: 27crags.

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11 Dec, 2011
Sébastien Frigault did the FA of Le Dernier Fléau. Might want to change the original piece.
11 Dec, 2011
True, and surely Frigault did this "new problem" first, seeing as he did Le Dernier Fléau first? What Robinson has done is just a short version of Le Dernier Fléau? Non? Ondra! Wow!
11 Dec, 2011
Ondra is just in a league of his own.
11 Dec, 2011
Ondra is our leader. Glad he's upstaging the Americans. Welcome to the hood boys...
11 Dec, 2011
He's upstaging the brits too.
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