Ned Feehally High-Balls Samson - BurbageVideo

© Nick Brown - Outcrop Films
Ned Feehally has repeated Samson at Burbage South. The route (or highball boulder problem) breaks left from the classic offwidth of Goliath. Ned soloed the route above bouldering mats and his ascent is thought to be the fourth overall.

First climbed by Jerry Moffatt in 1997 and graded E9 7b, it has since been regraded at E6 7a, however the E grade is fairly meaningless on this desperate but short route-come-boulder problem. The boulder grade is thought to be highball 8A.

Ned Feehally on Samson - Burbage
© Nick Brown - Outcrop Films

Ned Feehally is the 2011 British bouldering champion, and is part of the team behind Beastmaker Fingerboards.

VIDEO: Ned Feehally attempting Samson

This is an extract from the forthcoming Life on Hold film by Outcrop Films.

Ned Feehally is sponsored by Five Ten and Wild Country

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8 Dec, 2011
Ha! Chris
8 Dec, 2011
E9 7b, pfff !
8 Dec, 2011
Not a bit of climbing history i know. When the grade settled did JM get mocked and vilified by the press like james Pearson or was it accepted as an honest mistake ? That vid looks like it's going to be good.
8 Dec, 2011
Pretty sure it wasn't jerry's fault it was graded E9. Think he gave it HXS
8 Dec, 2011
HXS probably makes more sense.
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