Two 8b flashes and 8b+ 2nd go by Matilda Söderlund [UPDATE]

Matilda Söderlund, 89 kb
Matilda Söderlund
© Söderlund coll.

Matilda Söderlund from Stockholm, Sweden, who placed 2nd in her last ever junior competition, The European Youth Cup at Kranj a few weeks ago, has taken it to the rocks so to speak.

At Santa Linya in Cataluña, Spain, the 19 year old managed to flash Santa Linya and Ruta del sol, both 8b, as well as Air line, 8a.

Next year, the tall Swede will compete in the World Cup as well as The Tierra Boulder Battle. I'm sure she will do great!

UPDATE: As if two 8b flashes weren't enough, Matilda keeps delivering. Now she has made a 2nd go ascent of Rollito Sharma, 8b+, still at Santa Linya.

Matilda Söderlund is sponsored by: Marmot

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