VIDEOS: Interesting Climbing Areas - Turkey, Slovakia

Recently we came across a couple of videos of interesting climbing areas, a little off the beaten track.

Have you ever climbed at Stakes in Turkey? Never heard of it? Neither had we, but this short video show cases the area and the local climbers. Maybe a good place for a 2012 holiday!

Stakes is a relatively unknown climbing area in Southern Turkey. Kazıklı (Stakes) Valley is at the foot hills of Aladağlar Mountain Range.

And what about Slovakia? We hear quite a lot about climbing in the neighbouring country of the Czech Republic, what with their famous sandstone, and of course, Adam Ondra, but not too much news from Slovakia.

In this next video, climbers Juraj Svingal and Adrian Zvara climb a new traditional route in the High Tatra mountains. La Bomba (7+) is located in the heart of Batizovska valley, on a free standing tower called Kostolik.

If you know of any videos of interesting or unheard of areas, post the links on the forum thread!


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