FRI NIGHT VID: Ice in Norway and Sasha on 9a

This week's Friday Nighter is from Rab . It's an interesting film about a trip to Norway earlier in the winter season.

The film is more of a documentary than a climbing action video, showing the trip and the logistics behind getting the photographs, as well as showcasing some huge, amazing icefalls.

We enjoyed it.

Here's what Rab say:

"A team of three Americans fly thousands of miles in search of massive unclimbed icefalls in Norway. Rab sponsored climber Aaron Mulkey teams up with friends Kevin Craig and Stephen Berwanger in an attempt to free a major, 1,500ft new line on the mountains above Hemsedal. But even if they can unlock the technical challenges of the Veslehorn mountain, will the weather play ball?"

And just to throw another film in too - we recently reported on American Sasha DiGiulian climbing her second 9a. Here's a bit of footage of Sasha trying that route from Big Up Productions. The full film will be out on the Reel Rock Tour.

Note: This has nothing to do with ice climbing in Norway!

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