Catxasa, 9a+, for Ramon Julian

Those of us in the habit of blaming bad conditions when we don't perform as well as we expect... perhaps we should reconsider.
Ramon Julian Puigblanque, the Spanish power house (cabin?), has repeated Chris Sharma's Catxasa, 9a+, at Santa Linya, seemingly not bothered by the 39 degree heat.

Ramon Julian Puigblanque on Catxasa, 9a+, Santa Linya, Spain, 190 kb
Ramon Julian Puigblanque on Catxasa, 9a+, Santa Linya, Spain
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Actually, Ramon writes on his blog that the heat was unbearable in the cave and that it didn't feel very good as he was warming up (as if that was really necessary), and that he was wondering what the hell he was doing there. But hey, as was was there already he might as well give it a go.

The first attempt, which was mostly to get the moves redialed, went not so bad, but as he felt he fell rather easily at the end of the crux sequence, he decided to give it another go.

This time things went surprisingly smoothly through the crux and he quickly climbed up to the half way rest and then carefully all the way to the chains, making sure not to make any mistakes.

Ramon Julian Puigblanque is sponsored by: Tech Rock, Tenaya, Top 30, Trango World, Beal and PowerBar

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