Cliffhanger Cancelled, BBCs - STILL ON

The Cliffhanger festival has been cancelled due to bad weather but the British Bouldering Championships are still going ahead.

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The weekend of the 7th - 8th of July will see the 2012 British Bouldering Championships held at Graves Park in Sheffield at the Cliffhanger Festival.

The BMC's British Bouldering Championship 2009 at Cliffhanger, 123 kb
The BMC's British Bouldering Championship 2009 at Cliffhanger
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The Cliffhanger Festival has all sorts of other climbing related activities to compliment the bouldering competition. Festival organiser Matt Heason commented:

"As the name suggests, Cliffhanger's built it's reputation on putting on a fabulous weekend for climbers. This year we'll have at least eight mobile walls with pro-coaching from The Climbing Works team so kids and beginners can get a taster. Learn the dark arts of climbing protection at AMI's Bombproof Anchors and Rope Work workshops and master basic rescue techniques at the Self Help classes so you know what to do when it all goes pear-shaped."

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