Jan Hojer in Rocklands

Jan Hojer, maybe best known for his repeat of Action Directe a couple of years ago when he was 18, has had a good run in Rocklands, South Africa.

Lukas Biniossek reports from the scene of the crime:

I guess nobody has noticed yet, but Jan Hojer is on a pretty good run in South Africa. In the first few days of his stay he managed something like 10+ boulders from 8A upwards including a 4th go send of Sky, a flash of El Corazon, 8B, and a 30 minute ascent of Derailed, 8B/+.

I don't know if it's his complete ticklist, as he's crushing boulders so fast but this was what he's done till noon:

Sky, 8B+
Derailed, 8B/+
El Corazon, 8B, FLASH
Brown shadow, 8A+, FLASH
Black shadow, 8A+
In between dreams, 8A+
Nutsa, 8A+
Oral office, 8A+
Gliding through waves like dolphins, 8A
Out of balance, 8A
Witness the sickness, 8A
Black velvet, 8A
Pendragon, 8A
Barracuda, 8A
Caroline, 7C+
Black mango chutnes, 7C+
Hole in one, 7C+, FLASH

Earlier this summer, Jan visited Magic Wood, Switzerland, where he took down Never ending story, 8B+, Steppenwolf, 8B, One Summer in Paradise, 8B, Riverbed, 8B and Jack's broken heart8A+, which he flashed to name a few.

Jan Hojer is sponsored by: Mammut and Chimpanzodrome

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