Ondra: Flatanger 9a+/b first ascent & More

Adam Ondra
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Adam Ondra, along with film maker Petr Pavlicek, the man behind The wizard's apprentice, is on tour in Scandinavia. After a few days in Sweden, they headed north to Flatanger, Norway.

According to, Adam says he

...might just come back here for the next ten years. It is the perfect summer destination. The cave is just filled with the best pieces of rock and sequences you could otherwise find on the best boulders in Zillertal. I am thinking of bolting a new much harder line or maybe I will first check out some of the even bigger caves in the area.

Sounds interesting for sure!

Adam has already managed to onsight Eye of Odin, 8c+, and make the first ascent of a 9a+/b which links two previously unclimbed projects.
Of course, everything was caught on camera by Petr and I for one am very much looking forward to the next Adam Ondra documentary!

Here is the video of Ethan Pringle making the first ascent of Eye of Odin:

Adam Ondra is sponsored by: Black Diamond, Montura, La Sportiva, Beal and Hudy Sports

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