VIDEO: Rocklands

The Hatchling, video still, 128 kb
The Hatchling, video still
© Clément Perotti

Apparently Rocklands, South Africa, is the place to be if you want good conditions right now.

Clément Perotti is there with Michele Caminati & Co, the likes of Nalle Hukkataival and David Graham are arriving shortly, and then there's Paul Robinson's crew at Topside further south. Things are bound do go down soon.

This video features:
Ulan Bator : 7B
The Arc : 8A
Vlad the Impaler : 7C
Take off your shoes : 5C
The hatchling : 8A
Teagarden Roof : 7C

Michele Caminati is sponsored by: La Sportiva, E9 and Wild Country

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