Shauna Coxsey Breaks Leg Bouldering

British Bouldering Champion and World Cup competitor Shauna Coxsey will be out of the running in the next World Cup competitions due to a broken leg she sustained whilst bouldering in Magic Wood, Switzerland.

Shauna, who managed several hard boulders on her trip to Switzerland prior to her accident, including the V12 Jack's Broken Heart, commented on her blog:

"I lay on the bouldering mat curled up in a ball but the pain wasn't going away. All I could think of was the noise I heard when I hit the mat. A few deep breaths helped me to compose myself. A short while passed and I decided to try stand on my leg, I really wanted it to be okay, I wanted to carry on climbing, finish off the boulder and walk out. As I tried to put weight on my right leg the pain brought a sickly feeling into my stomach... I knew then that it was bad."

Here is a short video of Shauna climbing most of Jack's Broken Heart. Shauna clarified on her blog:

"Here is a short video I was sent, a random guy filmed my ascent of Jack's but he missed the first move, we have more footage coming soon but for now you can check this out..."

All at UKC wish Shauna a speedy recovery.

Shauna Coxsey is sponsored by Five Ten

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