VIDEO: The Rocklands Post - week 4

Michele Caminati bouldering in Rocklands, 107 kb
Michele Caminati bouldering in Rocklands
© Clément Perotti (video still)

Clément Perotti brings us the fourth video from Rocklands this summer, packed with action this time.

The video features:

- Born into Struggle, 7B+
- Full Tony's Tick, 8A
- El Corazon, 8B
- A Tea With Elmarie, 8A+ Flash
- Poison Dwarf Direct, 7C+
- Purple Nipple Clan, 8A
- Hole in One, 7C+
- Tore de Pisa, 7A+ FA
- Cedar Spine Sit, 7C
- Nutsa, 8A+

Clément says It's a bit rainy here but as soon as the weather will clear out, a lot is going to happen again. Daniel Woods, Dave Graham, Nalle Hukkataival, Antoine Vandeputte and many other powerhouses are around, and well rested now!

Sounds good to me!

Michele Caminati is sponsored by: La Sportiva, E9 and Wild Country

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