VIDEO: Jan Hojer's Rocklands ticklist

Jan Hojer on Sky, 8B+, Rocklands, 137 kb
Jan Hojer on Sky, 8B+, Rocklands
© Jan Hojer (video still)

Plenty of people have assembled many and impressive ascents in Rocklands, South Africa, this summer. Question is if not Jan Hojer's is the most impressive of them all, even though he only spent three weeks there.

The nine days mentioned earlier turned out to be to good to be true. Quite unsurprisingly so I might add.

I know I've already told you about some of his ascents, but after this he made some more.

Here are the highlights from his trip:

- Sky, 8B+, 15 min
- King of limbs, 8B+
- Derailed, 8B/+
- Golden Shadow, 8B+
- The Vice, 8B
- The power of one, 8B, 2nd go after having to jump off on the flash due to lack of pads
- Madiba, 8B
- Quintessential, 8B
- Mooiste Meisie, 8B
- Air star, 8B, 2nd ascent
- El Corazon 8B, FLASH
- Green Mamba 8A+/ 8B FLASH
- Brown shadow, 8A+, FLASH
- In between dreams, 8A+
- Steak house, 8A+
- Black shadow, 8A+
- Shosholoza, 8A+
- Nutsa, 8A+
- Oral office, 8A+
- Tea with Elmarie, 8A+
- Gliding through waves like dolphins, 8A
- Out of balance, 8A
- Witness the sickness, 8A
- Black velvet, 8A
- Pendragon, 8A
- Røyksopp, 8A
- The Hatchling, 8A
- Barracuda, 8A
- Shallow Cave 8A FLASH
- The Arc, 8A FLASH
- Jungle Bar, 8A
- Leap of faith, 8A
- Golden Virginia, 8A
- First Blood, 8A
- Panama, 8A
- Ron Ron et caramel 7C+
- Caroline, 7C+
- Black mango chutnes, 7C+
- Hole in one 7C+, FLASH

Jan Hojer is sponsored by: Mammut and Chimpanzodrome

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