Nico Favresse repeats Speed, 8c+

Belgium's Nicolas Favresse has made a rare repeat of Beat Kammerlander's Speed, 8c+, at Voralpsee, Switzerland.

The 30m super technical slightly overhanging test piece was put up by Beat back in 1995, but has, over the years, seen less than 10 ascents. Although quite bouldery, it's considered to be an endurance route as there are no rests and only tiny edges for holds.

Nico needed 12 days to make the ascent, which is the longest he has spent on any sport route. It should be mentioned the conditions were far from ideal however.

Here is a great video of Matthias König's ascent of the route:

Nicolas Favresse is sponsored by: Five Ten, Patagonia, Black Diamond, Sterling Rope and Julbo

Source: Five Ten

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