VIDEO: Matty Hong Repeats White Noise, 8B+/C

Matty Hong has made the 2nd ascent of Daniel Woods' White noise, F8B+/C, at Wild Basin, Colorado.

Matty Hong doing White noise, ~8B+/C, Wild Basin, CO  © Jamie Emerson/B3 Bouldering
Matty Hong doing White noise, ~8B+/C, Wild Basin, CO
© Jamie Emerson/B3 Bouldering

According to Jamie Emerson who was there and caught the ascent on video, ...this long and strenuous problem, breaks down into a V14 [8B+] into a V10 [7C+].

Originally given 8C, Matty suggests it could be 8B+.
Actually, using Tim O'Neill's classic formula for long boulder problems, x=(y+z+4)/2, we get (V14+V10+4)/2=V14.
See, it's all about numbers ;)

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1 Oct, 2012
White noie? come on UKC sort out yer one finger/head prodder typing!
1 Oct, 2012
well you know me, just couldn't stop meself ;) Anyway, well done Matty.
1 Oct, 2012
2 Oct, 2012
The formula is only valid if |X-Y|<=4. I guess that if it doesn't match this condition then the grade is just the greater of the 2. I'm not saying that the formula can't be improved upon.
3 Oct, 2012
yer not so sure about a "formula" for assessing grades, and its hard to believe that adding a V10 to an existing V14 doesnt change the grade at all?! Anyway Im not trying to stir a tedious grade debate. Actually I logged on to say that the original video of dan woods doing the line has been uploaded by dave graham et al. to check it out!
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