VIDEO: Mina Leslie-Wujastyk climbs Tetris, hard 8A+

Mina Leslie Wujastyk is currently road tripping through the US of A. Right now she is in Colorado from where she has good memories as this is where she did Mind matters, 8A+, which used to be her hardest boulder problems to date.

That's right, it used to be, because a few days ago she managed to take down David Graham's powerful and technical compression problem Tetris in the Wild Basin area of the Rocky Mountain National Park.

The problem was originally given 8B, but now seem to be settling around hard 8A+.

Climb Magazine caught up with her and asked her about it:

Mina: Tetris is a fairly new problem and, as is often the case with new lines, there is some disparity regarding the grade. It was originally given 8B by David Graham with some subsequent climbers suggesting 8A+ and some agreeing with 8B. I don't have much experience at this grade, but in my opinion, based on the experience I do have, I would suggest hard 8A+ as opposed to 8B. I also climbed the problem with a different sequence to Dave Graham, perhaps I found a path of less resistance? This is definitely my hardest problem so far :).

How many women have climbed 8b+ and 8A+ within one month (Mina climbed Mecca at Raven Tor 6 Sept)?

Here is the video:

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk is sponsored by: Five Ten, Arc'teryx, BMC, Element Chiropratic Clinic, Beta Climbing Designs and Optimum Nutrition

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