Klem Loskot is back!

Klem Loskot on his Balcony-project, 68 kb
Klem Loskot on his Balcony-project
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Klem Loskot, one of the great heroes and pioneers of the late 90s is back with a bang!

Rumors have circulated and now Climax magazine confirms Klem has not only managed to do his Balcony-project but also repeated the Schwaiger brothers' Zunami, 8C, in the Saalachtal, Austria.

Klem told the Austrian magazine that he bolted the project way back in 1994 and that he didn't really think he would ever do it. Now, after four days of work this autumn, he finally did it. No idea how difficult, but probably at least 9a.

Hopefully I can get more information about this later, and Klem, if you're reading this, send me an email!

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