The Island by Jan Hojer

Lucas Ménégatti on The Island, 8B+
© Lucas Ménégatti

Jan Hojer finished 2012 off in good style by repeating Dave Graham's The Island, ~8B+, in Fontainebleau.

I managed to get a few comments from the young Teutonic beast, who is on a one week trip to Fontainebleau:

I see you're back in Font and have made quick work of The Island. What did you think of it?
The Island is amazing! Three weeks ago I had a little night session where I checked out the moves in pretty humid conditions. Yesterday I went back and did it within 1-2 hours. Btw: Dave Graham's starting position is super obvious in my opinion!

Did you use your feet at all?
I probably used my feet a bit by throwing a few hooks and stuff ;)

Any plans to try The Big island, or perhaps even the sit down start project?
I tried the Big Island start just for 5 min and the 3 additional moves don't seem to be super hard - I'm psyched to get back on that one as soon as it's dry again...
The sit start is probably possible (although I didn't try any of the moves) but linking it into the Big Island looks more like the kind of project for somebody who flashes Gecko assis[i.e. Adam Ondra]

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