Jan Hojer training (BEAST 2.0)Video

© Jan Hojer/Lukas Biniossek (video still)

After placing 2nd at the Log Dragomer world cup, Jan Hojer took his first ever WC victory at Innsbruck last weekend. Most of you will also remember what he did in Ticino and elsewhere, for example his 11 problems in the 8A-8B range in a single day, and his quick repeats of Off the wagon and Momentum, both ~8B+/C.

I wouldn't be surprised if some of you are interested in knowing how this German beast trains.

Well, here is the answer. Prepare to be impressed and don't miss the 1 - 9.

Jan Hojer is sponsored by: Mammut, Mad Rock and Chimpanzodrome

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Cologne-born all-rounder Jan Hojer started competing from the age of 10 and was considered a strong contender for the Olympics as soon as the triple discipline format was announced. His background in youth Lead and...

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20 May, 2013
I feel sick! Don't like the look of that scaffold much.
20 May, 2013
I feel sick! Very impressive, but what has he done on Luxulyan granite? I mean I didn't see a single jam in that video! ;-)
20 May, 2013
Lack of missing digits, nor grazed face is a dead giveaway!
20 May, 2013
Like the youth of today say "sick" this leaves me feel very weak indeed. But what has he done on grit?
20 May, 2013
He is surely the most powerful climber in the world! It's cool to hear him talking about how important strength is. He has years ahead of him to put it to good use.
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