VIDEO: Nico Favresse- New Hard Crack - Recovery Drink

Belgian crack ace Nicolas Favresse has made the first ascent of Recovery Drink, a steep crack at Jøssingfjord in the southern most part of Norway.

Everyone who has been to Norway knows drinks don't come cheap there, and this was no exception.

Nico Favresse on Recovery Drink at Jøssingfjord  © Jeanlouis Wertz
Nico Favresse on Recovery Drink at Jøssingfjord
© Jeanlouis Wertz

Nico began working the 35 metre line on the Profile wall last summer, but had to return south without the prize due to bad weather (in Norway they just call it weather) and extremely difficult climbing.

After the successful redpoint, he told Planet Mountain:

"It's certainly one of the coolest lines I have ever climbed and the hardest crack I have ever redpointed..."

Although he didn't suggest any grade, this coming from a guy who made the 2nd ascent of Cobra crack, ~8c, should give you an idea of the level.

Planet Mountain has the full story.

Nicolas Favresse is sponsored by: Patagonia, Black Diamond, Five Ten , Sterling Rope and Julbo

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28 May, 2013
cool video here of them working the route:
28 May, 2013
Widboyz repeat?
28 May, 2013
Love that video! :)
29 May, 2013
amazing! Does anybody know if the whole thing is coming out on film? As a BD feature release perhaps?
29 May, 2013
Incredible looking route, shame I will never be able to climb it.