VIDEO: The Bridge of Ashes, 8C, by Dave Graham

Dave Graham on The Bridge of Ashes, ~8C, Elkland, Colorado, 214 kb
Dave Graham on The Bridge of Ashes, ~8C, Elkland, Colorado
© Cameron Maier/Bearcam media/Island

This is the story of how Dave Graham's The Bridge of Ashes, ~8C, at Elkland, Colorado, came into existence.

It is also a quick recap of what Dave has been up to during the last couple of years. It's not easy to stay focused on one thing when you are forced to travel the world doing cool stuff and having fun. Especially with the Colorado weather being so erratic...

The Bridge of Ashes got a quick repeat from Daniel Woods who, ironically, got perfect conditions the very first time he tried it. He confirmed the grade.

I think it's a brilliant video.

David Graham is sponsored by: Beal, Five Ten and Petzl

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