Woods & Robinson repeat The Ice Knife, ~8C + VIDEOUpdated/video

© Beau Kahler
Paul Robinson on The Ice knife, ~8C, Guanella Pass, CO
© Beau Kahler

Daniel Woods and Paul Robinson have made the 2nd and 3rd ascents of Dave Graham's The Ice Knife, ~8C, at Guanella Pass, Colorado.

The problem was put up a couple of years ago, but I don't think it has attracted much, if any, traffic until now. This shouldn't be very surprising as 8C's tend to have a somewhat intimidating effect on most people...

After spending one day unsuccessfully trying to locate the boulder, and one day working it, Daniel, Baeu Kahler and Paul, went back after a rest day. Initially the weather was bad but then:

Once the snow stopped and the sun came out again, we started giving the line send goes.  Daniel and I went back and forth on attempts for a little while, each try getting slightly closer than the last!  The wind started blowing and the conditions got even better.  Daniel pulled on and climbed the boulder flawlessly.  It was amazing to watch and made me super psyched to try to get this thing done.  After a couple of more near attempts, I pulled on and climbed the boulder!!!  It is always so awesome to climb something so technical and demanding.  Every move on the boulder is of similar difficulty and the body positions you get yourself into are totally crazy!  Putting the whole thing together bottom to top was really a cool feat and one i am really happy about!

After climbing the boulder, we decided that a sit start would be an amazing addition.  We began working it and it is hard!!!  The link of the two boulders is going to be tough!!!!  I hope to continue trying it more in the next few weeks!

Full story on Paul's blog

This excellent video features Dave graham's first ascent:

Daniel Woods is sponsored by: Sanuk, The North Face, La Sportiva, Petzl, Organic, Native, Nicros and Life Sport

Paul Robinson is sponsored by: La Sportiva, prAna and Asana

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22 May, 2013
What a work of art the video is. 5 minutes of beauty - it's almost a shame when the climbing starts.
22 May, 2013
That is Such an awesome video!! Probably one of, if not the best, I've ever seen! Such an awesome looking problem too!! Anyone notice the sneaky foot dab on the mat though?
23 May, 2013
This is the video of Woods and Robinson climbing it if anyone is interested...
23 May, 2013
5 minutes of beauty, 2 minutes of falling off 1 minute of climbing.
26 May, 2013
That is an incredibly intense video. I think Dav Graham is my favourite climber of all time. I am always completely in awe of his climbing and his climbs. He looks super strong all the time. It makes me want to climb again.
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