UPDATED: Three 9a's in a day by Ondra

Adam Ondra, 11 kb
Adam Ondra
© Lars Lindwall

Adam Ondra has managed to climb three 9a's in a single day in Frankenjura, Germany.

With beta from Alex Megos, Adam first almost flashed The Elder Statesman at Rotstein, doing it second go shortly afterwards. Then he moved over to The House of shock at the same crag, which also went second go, before completing the trilogy with an ascent of Sever the wicked hand, doing it first go of the day putting up the draws. This last one wasn't a one day ascent though as he had tried it a bit on a previous day.

Adam is of course preparing for his world Cup come back. The plan is to make a sort of soft comeback this year, competing in the last two competitions, before going all in next year.

Three 9a's in a day, plus an 8c, sends a clear message to his fellow competitors though: Adam Ondra is ready.

I dropped him a line and got a quick reply. Professional as always!

Hi Adam, hope all is well with you!
Seems you've had quite an extraordinary day in Frankenjura, or was this merely a day of "volume training according to AO" preparing for the world cup comps?
Be that how it may, you are clearly in shape!

Hi Bjorn, sure I am well, thank you!
It wasn't meant to be volume training, it should have been actually do-or-die of Elder Statesman, but as I failed, I wanted get into better mood... And so I did.
Being able to climb three short bouldery hard routes in Frankenjura does not necessarily mean I am in a good shape for Valence though. I got pumped in all of them, even though Elder Statesman and The House of Shock are not longer than 12 and 15 meters respectively.

Thanks Adam and best of luck in Valance!

So there you have it: If you're ever in a bad mood after failing to flash a 9a, simply climb a couple of other ones and you will surely feel better!

Adam Ondra is sponsored by: Black Diamond , Montura, Entre-Prises , La Sportiva , Beal and Hudy Sports

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