Megos climbs Modified, 9a+

Alexander Megos on Modified, 9a+, Frankenjura, 88 kb
Alexander Megos on Modified, 9a+, Frankenjura
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Alexander Megos has made the first ascent of Modified, 9a+, at the Holzgauer Wand, Frankenjura.

Modified is a variation of Alex' own Classified, 9a/+, which he put up last year
It starts in Hänsel ohne Gretel, 8b, goes left into Des Mos, 8b+, and finally traverses into Classified which is followed to the top.

Yeah!!! Made another first ascent of a route in Frankenjura! It's a variation of "Classified", a route which I made the first ascent of last year. Called it "Modified" and adds a little bit to "Classified" so I think it is around 9a+...

This means it's a contender for the hardest route in Frankenjura.

Alex' Frankenjura 2014 tick list just keeps getting more impressive:.
- Action directe, 9a
- Matador, 9a
- Black Label, 9a
- The Essential, 9a
- The man that follows hell, 9a+
- Nice frshly baked, 9a, FA
- Modified, 9a+, FA
- Janus, 9a, FA

To be continued...

Alex Megos is sponsored by: Blue Water Ropes, DMM, Entre-Prises, Patagonia and Tenaya

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