VIDEO: Isles of Wonder, 8B Repeated by Dan Turner

Dan Turner making the 3rd ascent of Isles of Wonder, 8B, Ogwen Valley, 196 kb
Dan Turner making the 3rd ascent of Isles of Wonder, 8B, Ogwen Valley
© Rob Lonsdale

Dan Turner has just made a quick repeat of Pete Robins' Ogwen Valley 8B Isles of Wonder, (UKC News Report) a very impressive feat given the recent heat wave we have been experiencing. In addition to this, Dan climbed a new link-up on the Mallory boulder with Tenzing 8A+.

Dan climbed the problem on his second attempt of his third session, waiting until the problem came into the shade in the afternoon to make his attempts. Due to a great forecast, Dan skipped the British Bouldering Championships and headed over to North Wales with a group of friends. Dan described the day of the successful send:

"I had entered the BBC’s but thankfully I binned that off, to be honest it would of only ended one way, falling off a slab followed by ‘Angry Dan’. So instead I went back up with 'Team Yorkshire'. Buck, Stubbs and Lonsdale tried the world famous Roof of Baby Budha, 7C+,  in the morning.

At around 5 we all headed up with Ben Freeman. I managed to get it done 2nd go, thank God, that hill is killer. We all finished the day off by all doing the other quality problem up there called Nutstash, a tough 7B+."

When asked whether Isles of Wonder was the highlight of Dan's year he commented:

"It was definitely a good one, and it was ace that I could share that experience with some of my good mates. I was buzzing for a couple of days with typical moments of grandeur, but with most things, you soon forget it, especially when Jimmy Webb flashes another 8b and you realise you are still rubbish.

I have done a few other hard blocs over the summer period and have a few other challenges that await. But to be honest just waiting for winter now so we can all do what we really want and climb on Yorkshire Grit."

Dan first tried the problem with Ben Freeman after having just made the first ascent of a hard link-up on the Mallory Boulder. Tenzing, 8A+, links the start of Will, 8A into Cosmic Josskin AKA Mallory Crack, 7A+.

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Dan Turner is sponsored by: Blurr, Organic Climbing and is supported by: Lyon Outdoor

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