VIDEO: Out of Obsession

Out of Obsession is a short film focussing on British boulderer Dan Turner which follows his commitment to bouldering and training. Dan pinpoints five problems which he thought represented some of the best climbing in the UK and filmmaker Rowan Spear-Bulmer follows him through the highs and lows of attempting each.

Dan's five problems are:

Voyager Low Start at Burbage South

Blood Sport at Shaftoe

Little Women at Kentmere

Star Slinger at High Crag

Monk Life at Kyloe in the Woods

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3 Feb

Pinpointing eh? :)

3 Feb

Superb watch.

3 Feb

Brilliant and positive - thank you

3 Feb

Please somebody tell him about the quality of the metoffice app instead of bbc for weather...

Poor fellow always ends up at a soaking Burbage because of this :(

3 Feb

He was also looking at the forecast for Sheffield! That's the other side of the hill from Burbage. Met Office High Neb forecast is the one he wants! :)

Great film even for an occasional and very non-enthusiastic boulderer.

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