TCT, 9a, onsight by Adam Ondra

Adam Ondra trying to onsight Psikoterapia, 9a, Valdegovia, 98 kb
Adam Ondra trying to onsight Psikoterapia, 9a, Valdegovia

Adam Ondra has onsighted Stefano Ghisolfi's TCT, 9a, at Gravere, Italy, and made a 2nd go ascent of La prophétie des grenouilles, also 9a, at Fournel, France, all in one day.

Perhaps it the bad luck/mistake* in the Chamonix World Cup which triggered such an exceptional day, even by Adam's standards?

Apparently, he was very close to onsighting La prophétie des grenouilles as well, making it two 9a onsights in a day, but unfortunately he tore off a hold after the crux and found himself instantly off route as it were...
Source: 8a

*According to Graeme Alderson, IFSC's Technical Delegate, what happened was this: Adam thought he made the first clip, but the rope got stuck in the gate. Realizing this, he jumped off after making the second clip.

Adam Ondra is sponsored by: Beal, Black Diamond, Entre-Prises, Hudy Sports, La Sportiva and Montura

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