Webb repeats Defying Gravity, ~8C

Jimmy Webb sticking the crux move on Defying Gravity, ~8C, Thunder Ridge, CO, 95 kb
Jimmy Webb sticking the crux move on Defying Gravity, ~8C, Thunder Ridge, CO
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Jimmy Webb has repeated Daniel Woods' Defying Gravity, ~8C, at Thunder Ridge, South Platte, CO.

Daniel made the first ascent almost exactly one year ago after working it with Jimmy. He was able to use a tiny pinch (if I remember correctly) and make the crux move statically, while Jimmy had to opt for a different solution:

Had a rad day yesterday climbing! Was able to take down the sick Daniel Woods rig 'Defying Gravity' V15.
Was such a fun learning experience on this thing. In the beginning once Daniel unlocked this heinous static method utilizing some hold I was never actually able to see... I knew I would have to do something different.

After several days of work last season I felt really close on a subtle double clutch method that felt like the most low percentage move I've ever tried.
I went through a roller coaster of emotions questioning wether or not the dyno was possible for me. In the end, on my first day back this season, I was able to unlock the beta and finally connect with that intro move! What a feeling!!!

29 November Jimmy and Daniel are competing in the La Sportiva Legends Only and Jimmy is a little bit worried:

Hey, good to see you're defying gravity! Just in time...
Haha, yeah, I have got a slightly tweaked pully though.. Hopefully it's good by Legends.

Yeah? Well, you seem to be one of those who heal with the quickness.
I hope so. Defying isn't too crimpy so it worked well. By the end of the session though it began to ache.
Ice and rest now

Well, Defying gravity doesn't exactly look finger friendly to me and I figure if you can climb 8C on rock, nice indoor holds ain't nothing to worry about...

 James Webb is sponsored by: prAna, Sterling Rope, Giddy Organics, Five Ten, Organic and Metolius.

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