2015 GB Junior Climbing Team Announced

Following the 2015 BMC/MCofS Junior Lead Cup held on 29th/30th November at Awesome Walls Sheffield, the GB Junior Team has been selected for next year's competition circuit.

Taking results from the BLCCs, various BMC competitions, previous international performances and this latest Junior Lead Cup into consideration, GB Junior Team Manager Ian Dunn commented:

"After the great turnout and fantastic climbing at Awesome Walls Sheffield in the first round of the Junior Lead Cup 2015/16, the GB Junior Lead Team Management have met to select the following climbers onto the Junior Lead Team for 2015."

Junior Girls

Molly Thompson-Smith (Team Captain)
Tara Hayes

Youth A Girls

Hannah Slaney
Rebecca Kinghorn

Youth B Girls

Catrin Rose
Kitty Morrison
Isabelle Adams
Abbie Rivett

Youth C Girls

Emily Phillips
Abigail Logan
Kirsten Pyper

Junior Boys

Connor Byrne
Alex Waterhouse

Youth A Boys

Jim Pope
Peter Dawson
William Bosi
Angus Davidson

Youth B Boys

Alex Norton
Sam Oakes
Aiden Dunne
Kieran Forrest

Youth C Boys

Hamish McArthur

Climbers who are currently still on the GB Team but are currently injured and will be re-assessed when they have regained fitness:

Ellissa Byrant
Emily Allen
David Taylor
Dominic Vincent

Full results from the Junior Cup and more information here. 


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