Crisis, ~8C/+, by Nacho Sanchez

Nacho Sánchez on Crises, ~8C/+, Crevillente, Spain, 127 kb
Nacho Sánchez on Crises, ~8C/+, Crevillente, Spain
© Sánchez coll.

Ignacio Sánchez González, better known as Nacho Sanchez, has climbed what he says could be his hardest problem to date, Crisis at Crevillente, which I believe is a village just North East of Murcia.

Nacho has done 8C's before, and pleny of 8B+'s, so he should know what he is talking about. When it comes to crushing small crimpers very few can compete with him.

To give you an idea of the style, check out this video from his ascent of Insomnio, ~8C, a couple of years ago:

Nacho Sanchez is sponsored by: Boreal, Climbskin, Mushroom Chalk, Top30 and Trangoworld

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