Lucy Creamer: 8b and more in Catalunya

Top British climber Lucy Creamer has just returned from a very successful three-week trip to Catalunya, coming away with a ticklist including an f8b redpoint and an f8a onsight and flash. Making this list all the more impressive is Lucy's gradual return to fitness following years of injury and forced rest periods (UKC Interview).

Lucy on form in Catalunya
© Nick Bullock

Commenting in her blog, Lucy described the trip: 'I've just got back from three weeks of climbing in Catalunya and to describe myself as being on a high would be an understatement! I think I can safely say, it was one of the best shorter sport climbing trips that I’ve ever had. The stars must have been aligned or something because all the ingredients that go together to create a great trip just fell into place, some of which are; a great crag, congenial friends, good climbing weather and me being on form.'

Lucy's onsight and flash of two f8a's in the same day is not thought to have been achieved before by a British woman.

Lucy retro-flashing Occident
© Steve Crowe

See Lucy's ticklist below and read her blog for more information.


‘Maneras de Vivir’ f8a. Bruixes.

‘Mallorca es Funky’ f7c+. Bruixes.

‘Happy Flowers’ f7c+. La Pedrera, Collegats.

‘Avant Match’ f7c. Bruixes.

‘Tita Bullida’ f7c. La Pedrera, Collegats.

‘Per tutti l’anno’ f7b+. La Pedrera, Collegats.

‘Tarambana’ f7b+. Bruixes.


‘Formula Weekend’ f8a. Bruixes.


‘Golpe de Gas’ f8b. Bruixes.

‘L’Anarkista’ f8a+. Bruixes.

‘Flix Flax’ f8a+. Bruixes.

‘Bon Viatge’ f8a. Bruixes.

‘Red Bull’ f7c+. Bruixes.

Retro-flash (all onsighted 5 and half years ago):

‘Energia Positiva’ f7c+. Bruixes.

‘Orient’ f7c/+. Bruixes.

‘Occident’ f7c. Bruixes.

‘Derribos Arrias’ f7b+. Bruixes.


Lucy is sponsored by: DMM, Grivel, Marmot and Scarpa

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