VIDEO: 7A by Philippe Ribière

Philippe Ribière, the boulderer born with the Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, recently climbed, Rumeurs Vagabondes, 7A, at La Capelle et Masmolene not far from Avignon, France, his hardest problem to date.

Philippe says he has virtually no power in his forearms so climbing a problem like this poses quite a different and more difficult challenge compared to most climbers.

He had actually done this problem once before after investing several months in it, back in 2008, but this confirmed, as he put it that he is not finished as a climber, and not getting old at all, especially as he now needed only three hours to re-climb it.

Now onwards to his next project, La Baleine, ~7A+, in Fontainebleau.

Philippe Ribière is sponsored by: Chimpanzee, Climb On, Julbo, La Sportiva, Lapis, Petzl and The North Face

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