VIDEO: Alex Megos vs Lucid Dreaming

Alex Megos on Lucid Dreaming, ~8C, Buttermilks, 151 kb
Alex Megos on Lucid Dreaming, ~8C, Buttermilks
© Ken Etzel/Red Bull

This video speaks for itself, just watch and be humbled as Alex Megos repeats Paul Robinson's ultimate power test piece Lucid Dreaming, ~8C, at Buttermilks, CA

Just last week Alex won the CWIF, in late November he placed second at the La Sportiva Legends Only and now he is in Japan to compete in The North Face cup.
He sure competes a lot for not being a competition climber!

Unfortunately embedding doesn't seem to be working for some reason, but here is the link to the video

Alex Megos is sponsored by: Red Bull, DMM, Patagonia and Tenaya Blue Water Ropes and Entre-Prises

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