Orochi, ~8C, by Alex Megos

Alexander Megos on Orochi, ~8C, Kanoto, Japan, 137 kb
Alexander Megos on Orochi, ~8C, Kanoto, Japan
© Megos coll.

Alex Megos has made the second repeat of Dai Koyamada's Orochi, ~8C, at Kanoto, Japan.

The problem was put up by Dai in 2006 and has previously only been repeated by Makoto Yamauchi.
Alex says he will probably post a video of the ascent tomorrow, 24 March.

Alex says he had a good day and also managed to do Mutante, ~8A, Full charge, ~8A+, Open up, ~8A, and Syuu, a one move ~8A.

The young German is in Japan for the North Face Cup, which he won last week.

Alex Megos is sponsored by: Red Bull, DMM, Patagonia and Tenaya Blue Water Ropes and Entre-Prises

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