Enabled - A Para-Climbing Movie

Climbing - by its very nature - is challenging. Add in a physical disability such as a broken neck, lack of an arm or leg and it becomes infinitely more so. For most of us, the idea of a finger injury or sprained ankle is enough to make us recoil in the thought of a few months of restricted or limited climbing.

However, in this short film by Wild Country and BMCtv, we meet individuals who challenge the notion of "disability." Being either born with physical defects or having experienced severe injury in later life, these members of the GB Paraclimbing Team competing in the IFSC Paraclimbing Cup don't perceive their physical differences as limitations. Rather than accepting the label of "disabled", they take pride in pushing themselves and challenging expectations, and in doing so become Enabled.

"I whinge about my injured fingers, but I don't whinge about my injured neck."

This inspiring video will leave you short of excuses for not setting yourself goals and achieving them, thanks to Fran Brown, Phil Mitchell, Dave Bowes and Sianagh Gallagher.

The GB Paraclimbing Team is sponsored by: Wild Country

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