James Noble Repeats Fat Lip 8B

James Noble has made the second ascent of Fat Lip 8B at Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)​ - eight years after it was first climbed by Steve McClure in 2007 (UKC News Report).

James Noble on the 2nd ascent of Steve McClure's Fat Lip (8b)
© Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing, May 2015

James told UKC:

"The problem is the obvious lip of the cave between Weed Killer and the end of Keen Roof. It climbs like a compression prow on generally okay holds and is not what you would expect of something of that grade at the Tor!" 

Keen Roof, also 8B, has seen numerous repeats. When asked why he thought Fat Lip had attracted such limited interest over the years in comparison, James replied:

"I don't think it has had any other repeats as people are sometimes too quick to write things off. There's plenty of people strong enough to do it, I think some of them just need to have a go, hopefully they will now that it's had a repeat!"

Perhaps the fact that there are multiple videos of Keen Roof has skewed the interest somewhat?

James' resume to date also includes ascents of Serenity and Serenade, both 8B at Impossible Roof, Roche Abbey near Maltby.

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