Intermezzo XY gelöst, 9a, by Jakob Kronberger (14)

Jakob Kronberger, 99 kb
Jakob Kronberger

14 year old Jakob Kronberger from Saltzburg, Austria, has repeated Klem Loskot's Intermezzo XY gelöst, 9a, at Plombergstein not far from his home.

Already last summer, after repeating Victims of Illusions, 8c+, at the same crag, Jakob said Intermezzo... was next on his list, and now he has ticked it.

I'm not sure, but i think this was the 5th ascent of the route after Klem Loskot, Thomas Katzlberger, Max Eder and Roland Wagner (all Austrians).

Klem's original ascent in 1997 was surrounded by quite a bit of controversy as it was made more or less on top-rope. All the bolts were pre-clipped but the anchor. Klem, who was mostly interested in the actual climbing, didn't think this was that important, but went back a year or so later and made a new FA, this time clipping all the bolts. At this time he added "XY gelöst", "gelöst" meaning "solved" to the original name.

Here is a video of Jakob climbing Victims of Illusions, 8c+, last year, when he was still young.

And here is Roland Wagner's 4th ascent of Intermezzo...

Jakob Kronberger is sponsored by: Wild Country

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