Ellis Butler-Barker has swapped hard sport routes for bouldering recently after completing some new problems at the cave Ash Hole in Brixham. Ellis has climbed seven problems between 7C+ to 8B in the past few months.

He told UKC:

"I've done a few of the problems over the past few months and each time I go I spot a new line which is a bit harder and get psyched to go back!

Ellis on Prepossanne Stand 8A  © Charlotte Warner
Ellis on Prepossanne Stand 8A
© Charlotte Warner

"Prepossanne was the main line which I'd been trying for quite a while and is one of my hardest boulders yet, I think it sits somewhere between 8A+ and 8B. It's big moves on really bad holds on a 45 degree wall, I'm currently trying a lower start to this too which starts by climbing a roof and then joins into Prepossanne. It's desperate!"

Last weekend Ellis climbed Needing Anne 8A+ and Sleepless Nights 8A. Returning on Wednesday, Ellis climbed a new problem which again - in his opinion - sits between 8A+ and 8B named 'Come back Charlie': 

"This is the roof start into Prepossanne Left and has taken around 4/5 sessions to get done! It's been an exciting process discovering all these new boulder problems and has given me some hard things to try which push me."

Ellis added:

"It's been a funny past week and one of the toughest of my life yet so to do my hardest boulders has been amazing and I can't believe I got them done under these circumstances."


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I grew up with a background in sport, competing in gymnastics and then rugby from an early age. I got into climbing when I was around 14 or 15. Straight away I knew that I was in love with the sport, I bought some shoes...

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4 Jun, 2015
Yes. Nice Ellis.
4 Jun, 2015
Strong effort. The article title looks like algebra, is the answer E10?
4 Jun, 2015
I thought we'd switched to H10 now. Did I miss another memo?
4 Jun, 2015
You really need to see the bouldering wall at Ash Hole Guy, it makes Tom's Roof seem majestic.
4 Jun, 2015
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