8B+, 8B flash and more by Hojer

Jan Hojer at Silvretta, Austria, 45 kb
Jan Hojer at Silvretta, Austria
© Hojer coll.
Jule Wurm wasn't alone up at Silvretta the other day. European bouldering champion, Jan Hojer was there as well and he had quite a good day as well, flashing the short and powerful Golden Gate, ~8B, as well as repeating Memento, ~8B+,  and some more problems in the ~8A to ~8B range.

Sometimes you try hard for days and days without any success.. And sometimes everything just clicks! Today was one of the better days for Jule and me here in Silvretta!

Jan's ticklist for his second day at Silvretta: 

Golden Gate, 8B, Flash
Freerunner, 8A+/8B, Flash 
Memento, 8B+
More Shining, 8B
Krieger des Lichts, 8A
Schattenkrieger, 8A
Zwiederwurzn, 8A

Jan Hojer is sponsored by: Flathold, Mad Rock and Mammut

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