FRI NIGHT VID: Destination Magic Wood

It would seem that half of the British bouldering population is either in Rocklands or Magic Wood at the moment, so to make the rest of us feel suitably jealous, tonight's Friday Night Video is a fantastic new film from John Thornton - Destination Magic Wood.  

Featuring strong boulderers William Buck, John Thornton, Joe Swales, Nathan Phillips and James Turnbull, the film shows the trials and tribulations of projecting whilst giving an insight into the fun that can be had on a bouldering trip with friends.

John describes the trip as follows:

"As well as climbing what are undoubtedly some of the best boulders in the world we discovered that Joe believes he's too weak to ever climb 8A, Nathan likes to flash all our projects and still finds time to moan about something, Will doesn't care how bad the moves are because it's "all about the line", James would be lost without a dishwasher and that I shouldn't think too much as it can be dangerous."

This film was sponsored by: Psychi and ROKT

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