Dave Graham repeats Spray of light, ~8C

Dave Graham on Spray of light, ~8C, Dihedral boulders, Rocklands, SA, 68 kb
Dave Graham on Spray of light, ~8C, Dihedral boulders, Rocklands, SA
© Beau Kahler
Late in the season, when temperature and humidity perhaps shouldn't really allow it, Dave Graham has made the second ascent of Daniel Woods' Spray of light, ~8C, at the Dihedral Boulders in Rocklands, South Africa.

Spray of light the harder left exit variation to Klem Loskot's original Ray of light and according to Woods it's an ~8B start into an ~8B finish.

In his usual short, dry and matter of factly style, Dave wrote on Instagram: 

SUPER SYKED!!! Finally managed to make the 2nd ascent of @dawoods89 new power test-piece Spray of Light [8c] after struggling HARD with the heat and humidity we have been dealing with over the last month!!! Every session I grew fonder of the moves and the actual climbing, and the urge to link the whole sequence began to be overwhelming, but with the uncooperative heat wave it was starting to seem like a dream, something only in my mind, not an actual real event that could exist in this time and space. Climbing is such an amazing game of belief, concentration, and execution, and I feel really lucky my life revolves around this game, it teaches one so much about life in general.


David Graham is sponsored by: Five Ten, Petzl, Trangoworld and Walltopia

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