GB Teams Ready for World Youth Championships in Arco

Over the next week, the best young climbers from around the world will have the chance compete across three disciplines in the World Youth Championships for the very first time - in Lead, Boulder and Speed. Formerly comprising only the Lead and Speed elements, this year's event is an exciting opportunity to showcase the future talent of the senior IFSC Boulder World Cups. 29 young British climbers will be out flying the flag for Great Britain in the historical hub of competition climbing that is the small Italian town of Arco. 

Team GB supporting William in the European Youth Championship Finals, 130 kb
Team GB supporting William in the European Youth Championship Finals
© Martin Bosi

GB Junior Lead Team Manager Ian Dunn commented on the outlook for the team pre-competition:

"The Junior Lead Team are super psyched for the WYCH this year in Arco. The entry is the biggest ever with over 1100 athletes registered so the competition will be fierce. However, on the back of an amazing training camp with Robyn Erbesfield and Didier Raboutou in Saint Antonin and great results in Mitterdorf with 4 finalists, confidence is high."

The young climbers representing GB in Lead are:

Male Junior - Connor Bryne, Alex Waterhouse

Female Junior - Molly Thompson Smith

Male Youth A - William Bosi, Jim Pope, Peter Dawson, Angus Davidson

Female Youth A - Rebecca Kinghorn, Hannah Slaney

Male Youth B - Kieran Forrest, Alex Norton, Sam Oakes

Female Youth B - Kitty Morrison, Pippa Watkin, Issy Adams

The climbers representing in the Speed event are:

Male Junior - Alexander Bosi, Alex Waterhouse

GB Junior Bouldering Team Manager Tom Greenall told UKC:

"There is an electric buzz around our camp ahead of the World Youth Championships. We have had competitive and strong performance as a British outfit in Europe this season and we are carrying that momentum all the way to Italy this week. We are showing our ability to perform with the European Championships in L'Argentiere really highlighted that we belong alongside the top nations."

The GB Bouldering Team in L'Argentière la Bessée, 115 kb
The GB Bouldering Team in L'Argentière la Bessée
© The Circuit Climbing

Describing the team's training over the last few months, Tom added:

"We implemented a new strength and conditioning curriculum in 2015 which has been the real base of our season. Our strength and conditioning coach Tim Cunnington has worked wonders. From here we have built on top of that with more specific fitness and strength but above all, we have really focussed on our tactics and execution. The past few months have been spent concentrating on scenario simulations and the strategic side of the bouldering game."

The bouldering competitors taking part in Arco are the following:

Male Junior - Hamish Pokotar, Billy Ridal, Alex Waterhouse 

Female Junior - Molly Thompson Smith, Tara Hayes 

Male Youth A - Aidan Roberts, Luke Murphy, Ed Mabon

Female Youth A - Hannah Slaney, Alexia Basch, Silvia Barrett 

Male Youth B - Max Milne, Nathan Whaley, Jack Ramsden

Female Youth B - Eugenie Lee

Follow the results and live stream here.

More information on the GB Junior Teams here.

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