Isabelle Faus repeats Amandla, ~8B+!

Fred Nicole and Isabelle Faus, 97 kb
Fred Nicole and Isabelle Faus
© Chad Greedy (Instagram)
Isabelle Faus has made the first female ascent of Fred Nicole's Amandla, ~8B+, at Roadcrew in Rocklands, South Africa, thereby becoming the fifth* female to climb this grade.

Isabelle has previously done two ~8B's; Epochalipse, at Flagstaff Mountain, and Nuthin but sunshine, in the Rocky Mountain National Park, both near her home in Boulder, Colorado.

The four other female climbers who have done 8B+ are: 

Tomoko Ogawa - Catharsis, Shiobara, 2012

Ashima Shiraishi - Golden Shadow, Rocklands, 2014

Shauna Coxsey - New Base Line, Magic Wood, 2014

Alex Puccio - Jade and The Wheel of Chaos, both in the RMNP, 2014



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