Isabelle Faus climbs The Wheel of chaos, ~8B+

© Chad Greedy

Isabelle Faus has repeated Daniel Woods' The Wheel of chaos, ~8B+, at Chaos Canyon, in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. This was the second female ascent after Alex Puccio who repeated it in September 2014.

The Wheel of chaos has around 25 moves and is a real power endurance test piece.

Here is a video showing Puccio's ascent:

For Faus, it was the second of the grade after Fred Nicole's Amandla, in Rocklands, which she did last summer. She also has a number of 8B's and heaps of 8A+'s and 8A's on her resume.

For the full story on Isabelle Faus, check out this article by Jackie Hueftle.

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3 Oct, 2016
Super impressive. Is it not her 3rd? I thought she did the Escapist in Rocklands? Or is that considered 8B (V13)? Most accomplished female boulderer?
3 Oct, 2016
She looks well chuffed!
3 Oct, 2016
The dark horse of female bouldering - only Ashima and The Pooch have done more hard boulders - and she's not even sponsored.
3 Oct, 2016
Beast. Amazing practically nobody has heard of her, she is super talented. Expect many more great things from her in the future!
4 Oct, 2016
Decent house music, that. I'm sure the climbing is very difficult too.
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