Scottish Competition Climbing's Big Weekend: ClimbScotland Launch

Saturday 19 September was one of 2015's biggest gatherings of young and disabled Scottish climbers, as EICA: Ratho hosted the Scottish Youth Climbing Championship, including a speed competition, and the MCofS Scottish Para Climbing Competition. The weekend also saw the launch of the MCofS' new initiative ClimbScotland, which will promote and develop climbing amongst a new audience of young people and build upon Scotland’s already successful climbing track record. 

ClimbScotland launch, 94 kb
ClimbScotland launch
© Pamela Finch

The youth competitions had their highest ever turnout and, with the competition acting as a round in the Junior British Cup, welcomed plenty of competitors from around the UK. Running alongside the Youth Championship, the second ever MCofS Scottish Para Climbing Competition saw some impressive feats of climbing from competitors with a range of disabilities. 

ClimbScotland's launch will see a development team introducing young people in the near future to climbing at schools, climbing walls and via youth organisations with a range of activities and events, while developing clubs and providing specialist support to parents, volunteers and teachers. 

ClimbScotland: Fostering the next generation of young climbers, 116 kb
ClimbScotland: Fostering the next generation of young climbers
© ClimbScotland

Jamie Smith, ClimbScotland Team Leader said: “The introduction of ClimbScotland is a massive leap forward in the development of Scottish climbing. It’s an activity which kids take naturally to – after all they can climb before they can walk! Many have an innate desire to clamber higher which, if nurtured with the right skills, can lead to the development of real talent. It’s a great sport for growing confidence, team and leadership skills, coordination and fitness, and has a very strong social scene too.”

The Scottish Youth Championships also doubled as a round of the Junior British Cup.

Results of Scottish Youth Championships and Junior British Cup:

Junior  (1996 - 97)


1. Molly Thompson-Smith

2. Rachel Carr

3. Flo Tilley

Youth A (1998 - 99)


1. Rebecca Kinghorn

2. Hannah Slaney

3. Jo Neame

Youth B (2000 - 01)


1. Kitty Morrison

2. Isabelle Adams

3. Pippa Watkin

Youth C (2002 - 03)


1. Emily Phillips

2. Robin Casey

3. Marijke Booth

Youth D (2004 - 05)


1. Anya Forino

2. Hannah Kerr

3. Niamh Doran

Youth E (2006 - 07)


1. Katy Roberts

2. Lily Kinnersley

3. Nusaybah Hussain



1. Connor Byrne

2. Alex Waterhouse

3. Calum Cunningham



1. Jim Pope

2. William Bosi

3. Aidan Roberts



1. Aidan Dunne

2. Sammy Oakes

3. David Miedzybrodzki



1. Hamish McArthur

2. Finley Wood

3. Matthew Fall



1. Toby Roberts

2. Finley Adams

3. Samuel Wakefield



1. Rex Cameron

2. Reuben Langlands

3. Syed Zaigham Askari

Full results of the Scottish Youth Championship and MCofS Scottish Para Climbing Competition here.

Find out more about ClimbScotland here.

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