2nd ascent of Nuclear war, ~8B+, by Ashima

Ashima Shiraishi on Blood Meridian, ~8B, Bishop, CA, 125 kb
Ashima Shiraishi on Blood Meridian, ~8B, Bishop, CA
© Kenji Tsukamoto
Ashima Shiraishi, still only 14, has made the second ascent of Matt Bosley's Nuclear war, ~8B+, in southern New York state.

In 2006 Matt added a sit start to War cry, ~8A, and suggested 8B+. Since then no one has been able to repeat it and it has been suggested it could have broken.

Along comes Ashima: V11, V12 and V14 in a DAY! Holy CRAP!!!!!! I had the best day climbing today!!!! It's been a while since I climbed on some REAL ROCK!!!! Started off the day by sending Worthless V11 then Wetness the Fatness V12 pretty quickly! Later on, I decided to give Nuclear War V14 a try and managed to send it!!!! Nuclear War hasn't seen a 2nd ascent in 9 years (when Matt Bosley did it). Psyched to have gotten the 2nd and 1st Female Ascent! 

This was Ashimas 3rd "harder than 8B", after Golden shadow, ~8B+, and The Swarm, ~8B/+. She has done a further six 8B's.

Ashima Shiraishi is sponsored by: Clif Bar, Evolv, Petzl and The North Face


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