VIDEO: David Lama climbs Avaatara, 9a, in the Baatara Gorge, Lebanon

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David Lama
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David Lama has made the first ascent of Avaatara, 9a, in the Baatara Gorge, Lebanon. According to the video, he was the first to climb here, and hence, the route is the first way out of the hole.

Certainly looks like an amazing place.

A photo taken from behind a waterfall that showed the gorge inspired David to climb there. 
In reality, the gorge was much more spectacular than in the photo. Three natural arches, a waterfall that falls into a dark hole 100 meters below, the blue and orange limestone and the intense green of the plants immediately made me think of the surreal landscape in the movie “Avatar”.

The crux of the route features small, sharp painful crimps, and David says that, two days after he had sent, his fingers were still completely destroyed. “Avaatara” is not for the fainthearted.

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