Demencia senil, 9a+, 2,5f go by Alex Megos

Alex Megos on Demencia senil, 9a+, Margalef, Spain, 79 kb
Alex Megos on Demencia senil, 9a+, Margalef, Spain
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Alex Megos has been to Margalef, Spain, where he did Demencia senil, 9a+, second and a half go*, and onsighted Victimes del Passat, 8c+. 

*Once checked it out till the 3rd bolt 2 years ago but felt too hard. Today I checked it out the whole way up and did it in the go after! Huge fight! 

So, more or less a "French first go then"!

The onsight of Victimes del Passat was actually Alex' first 8c+ onsight, although he was the first in the world to onsight 9a a couple of years ago. At the time, his hardest onsight was an 8b+...

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