Frankenjura 8a+ for 11 year-old Josh Ibbertson

11 year-old Josh Ibbertson has climbed his first 8a+ with an ascent of Primeur de Luxe in the Frankenjura, Germany whilst on a half-term holiday with his family. There is some debate as to the grade of the route, with many climbers known to take 8b for it on, but Josh felt that 8a+ was more appropriate!

Josh on Primeur de Luxe 8a+
© James Ibbertson

Josh's Dad - James - told UKC:

"We spent the half term with some good friends of ours who live near the Frankenjura. They recommended we tried Primeur de Luxe due to the foggy conditions as it stays relatively dry. Josh managed to do all the moves that day and link it in overlapping sections."

Josh returned the next day, but it was his third day of climbing on damp rock and his skin was too sore to pull on the small holds and so a rest day was on the cards. Fortunately the sun came out, dried the rock and good conditions enabled Josh to complete the route in a couple of tries the following day: 

"He’s really pleased to get another classic tick in the Frankenjura and also had time to do lots of other great routes including ‘Hitchhike the Plane’ 7c+."

Hitchhike the Plane 7c+
© James Ibbertson

James added:

"Josh really enjoys climbing outdoors. Although he’s made up to climb 8a+/b he’s keen to climb lots of routes and enjoys onsighting/flashing and quick redpoints."

Josh has climbed five 8a's in the past year including the classic Raindogs at Malham Cove (UKC News Report), three routes in Spain (UKC News Report) and one in the Frankenjura this summer.

Josh is sponsored by: Boreal and Allcord


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