The Island 8B+ for Ned Feehally

Ned Feehally has made an impressive repeat of The Island 8B+ in Fontainebleau, France. Originally graded 8C by Dave Graham who made the first ascent in 2008, the climb is now considered to be nearer the 8B+ mark. A legendary problem, it was known as "the last great problem in the forest" until Dave's ascent.

Ned on The Island 8B+, 123 kb
Ned on The Island 8B+
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Ned told UKC:

"It's always been right at the top of my list of things to do in Font. I love the style of it - marginal moves on terrible slopers."

Having spent two weeks in Fontainebleau at the end of October, Ned had worked the moves on The Island but conditions were too warm to link them together. Instead, Ned focussed on easier mileage and managed to flash his first 8A in Font. He explained:

"The crux on The Island seemed to be finding the correct conditions for me to climb it. I needed it to be cold and dry with a breeze (a rare thing in Font)."

Ned booked to return to Font in the last two weeks of November, hoping to get some cooler conditions:

"After a week of rain and warm weather I finally got a decent day on it and managed to link it just before it started to rain."

With just a few days left in the forest, what will he get up to next?

Watch a video of Dave Graham on The Island below:

Ned is sponsored by: Arc'teryx, Beastmaker, Five Ten, Friction Labs and Wild Country

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